Monday, September 26, 2005

blog layout

i've been screwing around with the embedded stylesheet for my template. just little things like trying to make the links stand out a bit more and justifying post content. as i have time i plan on building my own template from scratch. i've been working with html and css for a while (as well a bit of php and javascript) but aren't used to many properties from css level 2 (not to mention css level 3) so it won't look real pretty at first. my first priority is to have a non-fixed-width layout. i want the sidebar floating to the right and the post text to wrap around it (or maybe just a fixed column instead). it'd be pretty neat if i could get the blogger bar at the top to be translucent and stay at the top as you scroll. i'd like to add aural and paged stylesheets (and possibly other types), blogrolls (including delicious feeds) and other awesomes but i guess i'll start small.

if you've got any suggestions please leave me a comment.


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