Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Monday, September 26, 2005

blog layout

i've been screwing around with the embedded stylesheet for my template. just little things like trying to make the links stand out a bit more and justifying post content. as i have time i plan on building my own template from scratch. i've been working with html and css for a while (as well a bit of php and javascript) but aren't used to many properties from css level 2 (not to mention css level 3) so it won't look real pretty at first. my first priority is to have a non-fixed-width layout. i want the sidebar floating to the right and the post text to wrap around it (or maybe just a fixed column instead). it'd be pretty neat if i could get the blogger bar at the top to be translucent and stay at the top as you scroll. i'd like to add aural and paged stylesheets (and possibly other types), blogrolls (including delicious feeds) and other awesomes but i guess i'll start small.

if you've got any suggestions please leave me a comment.

more shit

well i wrote the guys over at powergramo an email about free software etc. i didn't expect it to go over very well. i got some bullshit "we'll think about it" reponse in some language called "engrish". for real dude, these people need to learn english. so anyway i downloaded the newest version of powergramo. the website advertises the program as FREE! but also has a "buy now" link so i knew something was fishy. i looked all over the site and couldn't find anything about the FREE DOWNLOAD!! being just a trial or anything so i was a little hopeful. so i downloaded and installed it and what do i find out? it's only a fucking 7 day trial! some fucking free download! for shit, with their definition m$ office 2003 is a free download.

today i have my debate class. we gotta leave at 1:30 to pick up the teach. like what kind of class do you have to pick up the teach? the class doesn't even start till 2:30 which means i'll be bored to shit for an hour. and he's going to grade our sermon notes. like as part of the class grade. some shit about "learning how to take good notes". now who the hell grades your fucking sermon notes?? even when i try hard to pay attention to the sermon i hardly get any notes. i suck at taking notes. besides taking notes i've hardly even started studying for the test. i wonder what my grade will be...

well it's almost 2:30 and i'm freakin' tired. will post more l8r.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

first post

so this is it. i'm fucking tired of keeping all this shit to myself. this is my new blog.

i am by no means new to the blogging world. over the past several years i've had a few different blogs, most of which i was unsuccesful in keeping up. most of these were experiments with different community blogging sites most of which i were unhappy with. for at least about a year i wrote in my xanga off and on. once or twice i got excited about blogging all over again and with a renewed zest attempted to actively maintain my xanga. i recall one period of time (at least a few days) where i posted 5+ times a day.

then i upgraded to a b2evolution blog on my own domain, and it got even fewer comments than my xanga. well actually it got more if you include the tons of blogspam. my b2evo blog lasted even less time than did my xanga and now lies useless, still collecting spam which i periodically delete.

but with none of these blogging misadventures did i ever post much about anything important or practical. my xanga had a very small number of readers and got almost no comments.

but now i have started a-new all over again. as of right now i am typing on my Sony Clie PEG-TH55 (US version) with my new F8U1500 belkin wireless pda keyboard. it might be several days before i can find a suitable home for this blog but i may as well start right now.

i'd rather not use a community blogging service like blogger (*update* that's obviously what i'm using lol) (i'm not even going to mention xanga or livejournal), but right now i have less than $20 in my checking account, owe at least a hundred dollars to my parents, and my domain and hosting just ran out. oh yeah and the only money i get is $5/mo. allowance and my minimum wage ($5.15/hr) doctor's office job where i don't get to work many hours.

and now onto something a little more pertinent (or whatever the hell you'd like to call it)

i recently downloaded skype and bought a skypein telephone number and £10 in skypeout credits. i've mostly used this for personal calls to friends in north carolina. nobody calls me much on my skypein number. in fact only one person ever calls it and i'm never there to answer so she leaves me messages. i like my audio converstaions like i like my IM convos, logged. for a long time i've logged my AIM convos. in fact i still have deadAIM logs of convos i had a couple years ago (oh shit how that brings back memories...). i eventually started using middle_man but was unsatisfied at the lack of an update supporting the latest version of aim. (i also used smilez, a great plugin for all those awesome expression-only smilies. remember aim expressions?). i experimented with many aim technologies (reshacking aim.exe and various .dlls and hexediting some other files); in fact i still have some screenshots of some of the things i did. i removed useless menu items, changed colors and dialogs, and basically fucked it all to hell. jon8rfc's guides were a great help during this time. but every time a new version came out i'd have to re-do everything i'd done in the previous version, and that got old real quick especially with all the hours i put into it.

my very first instant messaging experience started with our *gasp* aol dial-up. if my memory serves my correctly the very first IM i ever received was from my cousin. i don't remember what happened in the next few years. all i know is that i think my first real IM experience came from *gasp again* msn messenger. but eventually i found the aim client and was happy with it. then i found im logging and was in a new state of bliss. as of right now i used gaim which, out of everything else i've tried, is the very best im clieint available.

so where was i? oh yes, recording my skype convos. well after downloading several full-of-shit pieces of shit (like pamela)

i chose powerskype, which was still in testing at the time. i chose powerskype because it was free, integrated into skype (as opposed to being just a general audio recorder), and had a very nice interface. i didn't have to set up fancy recording software or virtual audio cables, it jusut plain worked! i was ecstatic. but, low and behold, after 30 days the trial runs out. it won't work any more! bullshit! so i go to the website and find that it's been renamed to powergramo and costs $20!! i was afraid this would happen. and who the hell names some POS prog "powergramo". you can't even begin to tell by the name what the hell it's used for. so my last hope in a world of shit turns out to be shit also. so today i went searching for something else. i googled "powerskype hack" "power skype hack" "powergramo hack" and "power gramo hack" each of which returned ZERO results. i was shocked. you mean to tell me that the faithful hacker community hadn't zeroday'd it? appalled i looked elsewhere. audio recorder for free seemed promising, but i couldn't get it to record everything correctly. so then i fired up audacity and tried to use it's software recording feature with no more luck. it's not like i'm a newbie at this shit. it just wouldn't work. the box i'm on right now is utter shit, so i figured maybe it's just my sound card. well maybe tomorrow i'll search for a skype audacity tut. i also searched for open source skype recording solutions but to avail. is there no answer?


now i don't expect the programming community to magically write every program i want. and maybe i wouldn't be so angry if there weren't any skype programs out there. but there are LOADS of skype programs (well not all of them integrate into skype and are ejust advertised as skype recorders, but there are still a few that do). i couldn't find a single skype-integrated audio recorder for under $20 (ok $19.95). what has this fucking world come to? i can't even record my audio conversations on one of the most popular voip programs around without shelling out another $20. well nobody's getting no fucking $20 out of me. i'm not that retarded. i'll find a free program to do it even if i have to write it myfuckingself.

on another note, you may be wondering who i am. well i'm not going to tell you. my life would end if people i know found out this was my blog. i'd really love to post my gps coordinates for your googlemap-viewing pleasure, but it's not going to happen.

well it's 1:24 now and my mom said that if i can't sleep i at least have to do schoolwork, so i'm off to read "the hound of baskervilles"